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Introducing Aruba Beacons

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A Brand New Approach to Precise Indoor Positioning

Over the past year, you’ve told us that you’re seeking more precise accuracy and reliability for indoor positioning for the apps you’re creating with Meridian’s AppMaker and SDKs. You’d noticed that, since the mobile operating systems have made changes to their operating systems, Wi-Fi-based indoor positioning doesn’t offer the same user experience that it formerly did. We listened to you and to the mobile operating system developers, and have a new solution for you: Aruba Beacons.

In first quarter of 2015, Aruba will be shipping its first hardware product built with Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as iBeacon for Apple iOS apps). These Aruba Beacons can be placed throughout your venues to offer your app users a better “glowing blue dot” on a map for indoor navigation or notifications when they come in proximity to a beacon configured accordingly.

Our Aruba Beacons are much easier to install than Wi-Fi-based indoor positioning devices. And, as opposed to other beacons on the market, our beacons boast the best battery life tested. What’s more, if you’re a user of Aruba Wi-Fi access points with USB ports, you’ll be able to take advantage of our USB-powered beacons so that battery life becomes a non-issue. The marriage between USB-powered beacons and Aruba USB ports can also take advantage of remote management of the beacons from the Meridian cloud software. That means less concerns about manually checking on beacons installed across dozens of locations. You can simply manage them from the comfort of your chair.

Meridian will, of course, continue to support existing RTLS deployments (MSE and ALE) and we’ll be updating you soon regarding some improvements that we’ve made to make that experience even better. That said, we’re excited about the opportunities that Aruba Beacons present. And a handful of private beta testers are participating in our announcement of Aruba Beacons on Nov. 4.

You can read about the announcement here. If you’d like to learn more about our beacons before the beginning of 2015 when we ship the hardware to all customers, please let us know at

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