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Give your users features that matter: indoor navigation, location sharing, proximity-aware information, asset tracking, and more.

SDK Available

BluDot: Indoor turn-by-turn directions and location awareness.

Put the 'blue dot' on the map and show visitors where they are in your space. Provide context-aware navigation, or integrate BluDot with Campaigns to send timely info on nearby points of interest.

  • Enables GPS-like directions

  • Native on both iOS & Android

  • Integrates with Aruba Beacons

BluDot: Indoor turn-by-turn directions and Indoor location awareness.

Location awareness is a powerful thing — especially when combined with Navigation to lead your visitors from point A to B. Use BluDot and let visitors opt-in to receive pertinent notifications based on where they are in your space. In addition, knowing a visitor's location enables custom experiences like food delivery at a stadium.


  • New look & feel; familiar to both Apple and Google Maps users.
  • Integrates with Aruba Beacons to provide location-aware directions.
  • Also available without location-awareness.
  • Instantly shows points of interest in your mobile app after adding them with the Meridian Editor web tool.
  • Appropriate routes for visitors with disabilities in Accessibility mode.
  • SDK available for your custom app. Built into apps created with Meridian's AppMaker.

SDK Available

Asset Tracking: Know the location of valued assets in your facility.

Using the new Aruba Tags hardware, keep track of moveable assets in your location. Using a Meridian-powered mobile app, see the location of assets on a map.

  • Leverages Aruba WLAN

  • Attach photos to specific assets

  • Group similar assets by assigning labels

Asset Tracking: Know the location of valued assets in your facility.

Keeping accurate records on the whereabouts of moveable assets in a large and complex location, such as a hospital or warehouse, can require a lot of administrative overhead. Meridian's new asset tracking solution will help you keep track of your valued assets.


  • This solution uses Aruba Tags hardware, Aruba Access Points, and a mobile app or dashboard to track the location of assets.
  • Aruba Tags hardware is small enough to attach unobtrusively to all kinds of objects.
  • The Aruba Tags app lets you attach photos to specific Aruba Tags to make locating easier on a map.
  • Add custom labels to Aruba Tags to group assets together make searching for specific asset types easier.
  • Search for Aruba Tags by name, MAC address, or label in the Meridian Editor and Aruba Tags app.
  • Manage your Aruba Tags labels in the Meridian Editor.

SDK Available

Campaigns: Provide context-aware information.

Use the Meridian Editor to activate Aruba Beacons in your space. Tie these Beacons to pertinent actions, or wake up your app with push notifications to approaching visitors.

  • Location-based actions

  • Context-aware notifications

  • Unique Campaigns for areas in your space

Campaigns: Provide context-aware information.

Create Campaigns to notify visitors of contextually relevant information, based on where they are your space. Inform customers of current department sales as they step into that region of your retail store. Promote the restaurant's Happy Hour to nearby visitors of your resort. Use Campaigns to alert fans at your stadium of a new concession stand with shorter lines nearby.


  • Makes it easy to create and manage Campaigns for sending timely & contextual notifications to visitors.
  • Allows for defining custom actions when mobile devices are within range of Aruba Beacons.
  • Functionality for activating Campaigns based on time of day, day of week, and date range.
  • Integrates with iOS & Android push notifications.
  • SDK available for your custom app. Built into apps created with Meridian's AppMaker.

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