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Coding an app by hand is so 2014. Introducing: AppMaker, Meridian’s solution to app creation. With AppMaker and Meridian’s signature features, building your own app is as simple as 1–2–3.


Select: Start with any or all of Meridian’s signature features.


Up the ante with indoor location awareness for your visitors.

BluDot: Indoor location awareness.

Location awareness is a powerful thing — especially when combined with Navigation to lead your visitors from point A to B. Use BluDot with Zones and let visitors opt-in to receive pertinent notifications based on where they are in your space. In addition, knowing a visitor's location enables custom experiences like food delivery at a stadium.


  • Uses Aruba Beacons to provide a new level of accuracy in indoor location-awareness.
  • Proximity-based actions for timely offers and contextual information for your venue and your visitors.
  • Shows visitors where they are and what's nearby in your space.
  • Eliminates the need for a visit to info desk when searching for points of interest or products in your venue.
  • Saves users from providing a starting location, offering GPS-like directions from A to B.
  • SDK available for your custom app. Built into apps created with Meridian's AppMaker.


Provide context-aware information. Associate actions with indoor areas.

Campaigns: Provide context-aware information.

Create Campaigns to notify visitors of contextually relevant information, based on where they are your space. Inform customers of current department sales as they step into that region of your retail store. Promote the restaurant's Happy Hour to nearby visitors of your resort. Use Campaigns to alert fans at your stadium of a new concession stand with shorter lines nearby.


  • Makes it easy to create and manage Campaigns for sending timely & contextual notifications to visitors.
  • Allows for defining custom actions when mobile devices are within range of Aruba Beacons.
  • Functionality for activating Campaigns based on time of day, day of week, and date range.
  • Integrates with iOS & Android push notifications.
  • SDK available for your custom app. Built into apps created with Meridian's AppMaker.

Embellish: Enhance your app with The Editor’s rich features.

Pages: Showcase content that matters.

Use pages to showcase information about your location to your users using lists, slideshows, webpages, and more.

Events: Organize and promote events.

Use events to let your users know when things are happening at your location.

Themes: Celebrate your brand.

Start with our set of unmatched and thoughtfully designed templates, then customize to make them your own.


Finalize: Give your app an icon, test it, and publish it.

App Icon

The icing on the cake; Treat your app to it’s own, unique icon. Now it’s official.


Instantly view the content you create in your iOS and Android apps. No waiting for app store approvals.


Once you’ve got everything where you want it, publish your app to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Roundup: Choose what's best for you.

Features such as Navigation, BluDot, and Zones are individually available for both AppMaker and through SDKs, and are managed with the Editor.



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